From the East coast to the West coast, and everything in between...S is on the move! Meet our spotlight S teachers from all of our studios.


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New York S Teacher Alex Torres-Ventura


Hi Alex! How did you become an S Factor teacher?

I was working at a Pilates studio in 2005 and stopped to chat with one of my colleagues, Nicole during a break. We were catching up on life, work, and our performing careers. She asked me if I would be interested in a new opportunity she had come across. One of her Pilates clients was seeking movement teachers to open a new studio in NYC. She suggested I interview with her client, Gerri Kyhill, who was spearheading a sensual movement school in NYC, called Sheila Kelley’s S Factor. She said that I would love the female sensuality aspect of the classes and that it would give me ownership over my feminine body in a fun and powerful way. She also mentioned that the style of movement could enhance my performing quality and help me get a gig or two. Needless to say, my curiosity was peaked. Click to read more...


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Chicago S Teacher Caroline Bertucci


Hi Caroline! How did you become an S Factor teacher?

My girlfriend sent me a link, it was when Sheila was on Oprah for the very first time, and she said "this is right up your alley." I was a fitness instructor, then did fitness competitions, so combining fitness and high-heeled shoes sounded perfect to me. I started doing the videos at home, then attended classes at a partnership studio. It was my safe haven, I didn't tell anyone I was going because it was my escape from all the demands of a busy life. I traveled out to the LA studio to meet Sheila in person. She then opened a studio in Chicago and my dream came true. After many intense weeks of training while balancing a full-time career, the studio opened, and I love this place from the bottom of my heart. Every time I walk in, there is just this amazing energy buzzing around the place, from the music spilling out of the studios, to the warmth of the Ambassadors greeting everyone at the desk, and the most amazing students and teachers moving about. Click to read more...


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Houston S Teacher Gillian Boyer


Hi Gillian! How did you become an S Factor teacher?

Before there was a studio in Houston, I went to the first workshop and fell madly in love with the powerful/giddy/sexy feeling that I was filled with. You should have seen me S Walking through Whole Foods right after class, I just couldn’t help myself! I went to every workshop in Houston, and signed up for the first session when the studio finally opened. My job at the time was high-stress, lots of travel, 60+ hours a week and ultra-conservative and serious. Taking classes at S Factor was my escape, my sanctuary and the only time I got to act like a girly-girl…so I was there as often as possible, taking as many classes as I could fit into my schedule. When Teacher Training was announced in early 2008, I jumped at it, even though it frequently meant flying back to Houston after a week on location and driving straight from the airport to teach class until 10pm. Who needs sleep when you’re having fun at S Factor? Click to read more...


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Costa Mesa S Teacher Jennifer Nicolalde


Hi Jennifer! How did you become an S Factor teacher?

I came to an LA S Factor Intro as part of a friend's birthday party in January 2006. At the time, I had no idea it would be the first day of this amazing journey. Pretty much, I just thought it would be a good story to tell of a wild weekend, on a pole, with my friends. Instead, I was drawn in by the gorgeous women doing the demo, and the burn in muscles I didn't even know existed. I was all ready to sign up after the Intro but the OC studio hadn't opened up. Two months later, the OC studio opened and I was banging down the door to get into class. I had an amazing teacher, Tina, and was in a class surrounded by such a diverse group of girls. I'd need a whole book, or therapy session, to really describe what happened in that class...but the gist of it is, it changed my life. As a lawyer, I'd felt like I always had to be tough, have a tough exterior and never let anyone see the real me. In class I could be vulnerable, and was able to tap into a sensuality, sexuality and sense of feminine power that I never knew existed. I began to carry myself differently. I walked with a swagger, stood up with a keen awareness of how beautiful the curves of my hips were, and I appreciated my body. I was changed. Click to read more...


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Encino S Teacher Sue Hooker


Hi Sue! How did you become an S Factor teacher?

My mum saw Sheila on Oprah with Teri Hatcher. I was going through a very down period and she thought it would be good for me. I felt invisible in my own life. I had no identity and no voice and I just existed...barely. I never took an Intro, I just signed up for Level 1 and went to my first class. I was hesitant at first, as I thought I was too old (I was 45 when I started my journey). I was in awe of the calm peaceful setting and excited by the prospect of those tall shiny poles. As I began my first warm-up, my body started to relax and listen. About the third song in, I finally exhaled and felt like something inside had been awakened. The safety of what surrounded me started to warm a part of me that I thought was gone. Click to read more...


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Los Angeles S Teacher Paulina Berry


Hi Paulina! How did you become an S Factor teacher?

About 6 years ago watching the late-night repeat of Oprah, I saw Sheila take three women out of the audience, and they all came out and performed on poles. They were typical women representing us, and looked amazing after one experience with Sheila. Sheila was magnetic and I fell in love with her. That night I looked online and found that S Factor was in my neighborhood. Sheila was my first teacher, and on the first day of class, when we introduced ourselves, I said I wanted to be a teacher. Sheila teased me that "Paulina" was a great stripper name! When I began classes, I was carrying a few extra pounds having just lost my father. I loathed what I perceived as excess weight, and I remember sitting on the mat hating it. But when I would leave class, I felt inspired and I knew something was happening to me, but couldn't put my finger on it. I would tell all my friends how amazing I felt. I could look back in hindsight and recognize that I was changing the old story I believed about myself and was replacing it with pride and confidence in myself. Eventually, I knew I wanted to give that feeling back, and to help women recognize their beauty and celebrate it. Click to read more...


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San Francisco S Teacher Amanda Bassolino


Hi Amanda! How did you become an S Factor teacher?

I heard about S Factor from a random acquaintance and was immediately interested...I have been a dancer all my life but never had I done anything like the sensual movement that S Factor offered. I took an Intro class and went home with my mind totally blown. I signed up for Level 1 the next day. While I was in Level 1, I grew more and more attached to the movement and to what it meant to me and my life. I knew that as a longtime dancer I had to bring this movement into my life in a bigger way. Click to read more...