Let's Take the Long Way
Home: A Memoir
of Friendship
by Gail Caldwell

"Let's Take the Long Way Home" is the true story of two women whose lifelong friendship carried them through the best of times and the worst of times. The book is author Gail Caldwell's tribute to her best friend Caroline Knapp, who passed away from cancer in 2002. The poignant story celebrates the capacity for female friendships to feed us when we are hungry, comfort us when we are afraid, sit beside us when we are lonely, hold us when we cry, build us up when we feel knocked down, listen to us when we feel misunderstood, and remember us when we are gone. As women we are designed to care for and support one another. This is why our friendships have the potential to add value to our lives in a way that no other relationship can. Together we have the best chance of becoming our best selves.


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