Connect with our virtual community through Social Media. S Factor is for every woman!

Yes. We offer instruction, choreography, talent casting and script consultation services. Click here for more details.

S Factor is a strip workout and pole dancing exercise program developed by Sheila Kelley as an alternative to linear fitness routines. S Factor builds confidence and enhances your wholesome sexuality.

Absolutely not! S Factor has fun and exhilarating fitness dance classes for every woman regardless of age or body type.

Workout attire and bottled water. To ensure a firm grip on the pole, please do not apply lotion on the day of class.

Yes! Please visit our Teacher Training page for information about this amazing program.

S Factor has studios in Los Angeles, Encino, Costa Mesa, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Houston. Please check our S Factor on Tour page for S Factor Retreats and Sheila Kelley Live events in other cities. We also have DVDs available in our S Store for at-home learning.

Everything you want to know about S Factor can be found in the best-seller, “The S Factor: Strip Workouts For Every Woman.” It includes step-by-step instructions for awakening your inner feminine self through relaxation, exercise and a new appreciation for your body. Click here to get your copy.

There are two series:

The Original Series
• S Factor 1 "The Beginning”
• S Factor 2 "Intermediate with Lap Dance"
• S Factor "PoleWork 101"


The NEW Soulfully Sexy Series

•Soulfully Sexy I - Your Completely, Totally, Absolutely Feminine Body
•Soulfully Sexy II - Your Swirlingly, Sexy, Playful Body
•Soulfully Sexy III - Your Idiosyncratic Sexy Body

Each features step-by-step visual instruction with Sheila Kelley and are available for purchase in our S Store.

S Factor sells several "removable" poles in our S Store. You need to purchase one in order to learn the movements taught in our PoleWork 101 DVD. You do not need to purchase a pole in order to take a class in one of our studios, although many students keep one at home to practice what they learn. Click here to see different poles available in the S Store.

Yes, but only by appointment. Due to the nature of our classes, men are not permitted to enter the studios unless they call ahead to schedule a Private Lesson, or RSVP for one of our co-ed events. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information about our Just For Women Policy.