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Upcoming Events

  1. Ongoing: Fluid Feminine Movement™
  2. S Factor's 1-hour feminine fitness alternative to traditional yoga, Pilates, and cross-fitness.

  3. Ongoing: Super Pole
  4. S Factor's 2-hour pole vision quest for all levels. Watch a quick video of the moves you'll learn. Click here for Super Pole I and here for Super Pole II!

  5. 11/5 - 11/16/12: SFNY Studio 54th Street TAG SALE!!
  6. BARGAINS!!! Starting November 5th at S Factor New York's 226 E. 54th Street location, we're moving out and selling lots of cool stuff CHEAP for home and office.

  7. 11/16/12: Calling All SFNY Descending Angels!
  8. 90-minute S Factor Pure Dance classes to benefit hurricane victims at both the 23rd Street and 54th Street studios on Friday, November 16h, 6pm - 7:30pm. S teachers are donating their time for these classes! 100% of every penny goes directly to a charity called "Ten for Ten." Right into the hands of the victims who so desperately need it. No middleman. SOLD OUT

  9. 12/1 - 12/31/12: Private Dancer
  10. Unleash your S for a select audience of your choice (up to 3 people) during private studio time!

Calling All SFNY Descending Angels!

@ S Factor New York
Friday, November 16th
6pm - 7:30pm

  • In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we’re sure you’ve either donated funds, packed up boxes of much-needed supplies and delivered them for distribution, volunteered, or showed up in the trenches to help a fallen neighborhood regain its dignity. You may still be sitting without electricity yourself, or living with family or friends because your place is uninhabitable. Or ALL OF THE ABOVE!
  • S Factor women have never just stood by and watched their world, friends, families and S sisters fall apart. We always step up and help out. That’s the S Factor way. It’s evident every day in class! We pull together and make sure everyone’s all right. So when our S Factor sister Nicole Laborante wrote to us for help, we said, "Yes!" We will do what we can, spread the word and help. What can we do? Dance! Dance for relief! Dance for our sisters and their sisters. Ease some pain.
  • Here’s Nicole's story:

    Dear S Women,

    For four and a half years I was an S Factor Ambassador and Retail Buyer. I smiled at you and checked you in at the Front Desk. I hand-selected all of the merchandise that you wore in class, and I set up all of the visual displays. More importantly, I shared stories, laughter, and even tears with many of you. I spent some of the best years of my life in the studio dancing side-by-side with you. I have made some of the strongest relationships in my life with so many S Factor women, both staff and students, some I would even call my best friends.

    S Factor is the sanctuary and playing ground that nurtured me into the woman I am today. I feel beautiful and strong and that is because of all the women at S I had the pleasure of knowing. Now here I am asking my sisters of S Factor to join my movement and help my family as well as 9 others who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

    I am a Native Staten Islander, now living on the West Coast observing my home amidst great tragedy and devastation. My family and their neighbors have lost their homes and everything in them. The houses on the block were washed through with waves and everything is gone. They’re all hard-working people who haven't complained and who always help their neighbors. To see them now in the position they're in with nothing to their names is heartbreaking.

    I started "Ten for Ten" to help my family as well as others who have had great losses from Hurricane Sandy. The idea is that if 10 people donated $10 and got 10 people to visit the site, then we could help lighten the load for 10 families who have been badly impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Every dollar will be given to these families and split evenly amongst the 10. I invite you to join me in being a part of the "Ten for Ten" charity. We are in the process of nominating 8 other families, and we are counting on the community to nominate the families who need help the most. Please share your story with us at: TenforTenmakesAdifference@gmail.com

    Another family who will be benefiting from "Ten for Ten" is my friend Cat's family. Cat and her husband’s apartment was located in South Beach Staten Island, and they lost almost everything. What makes this even more devastating is that Cat is very ill. Her medication is not covered by insurance and now she doesn't have the money to buy it. She's 24 years old with two young girls. Cat and her family are the toughest and most sincere family I know. They can't seem to catch a break and now they are faced with many more obstacles in the months to come. Despite their financial and health struggles they are volunteering in South Beach and helping their neighbors.

    These families need immediate assistance to help lighten the load of losing their homes to the storm. A lot of the families in need decline help and assistance, and instead are doing all they can to help their neighbors. New Yorkers are resilient. I do believe that The Red Cross and FEMA are doing all they can, but unfortunately the truth is they were not prepared for this type of devastation, and these families need help now. They need cash assistance now to get back on their feet and buy food, clothing, and gasoline. They need money to put security deposits down on a new place to live.

    Every family has their own unique story and their own special needs. This is your chance to help 10 real families. I am so proud of all of you who have been rebuilding the Tri-State Area and helping your neighbors. Thank you, S Factor. Thank you for listening. I hope everyone dances and that people appreciate from the bottom of their hearts that they are helping to relieve pain and suffering while instilling pride in a future.

    With Love and Light,
    Nicole Laborante Phoenix
Cost: $45 to dance in an S Factor Pure Dance class at the S Factor New York West or East Side studio location on Friday, November 16th, 6pm - 7:30pm. 100% of every penny goes directly to "Ten for Ten." You may also click here to donate directly to "Ten for Ten."
Attendees:   All S Factor Students
RSVP: SOLD OUT but you can still donate to the cause! Please click the link in the Cost line above.

Private Dancer

@ S Factor New York
Saturday, December 1st
Thru Monday, December 31st

  • Throughout the month of December, you can book 30 minutes for just you and your lucky recipient(s)! Undeniably the sexiest holiday gift ever!!!
  • Be the master of your domain with Private Dancer, and share your EC with that someone special or a special few. This is an S Factor favorite and times will fill quickly!!! Wow your friends or entice your lover, they’ll be awed by what you’ve learned. Send an email to Noelle at NPrideaux@sfactor.com (Subject: Private Dancer) to reserve now!
  • You will begin with a 10-minute warm-up guided by your teacher.
  • You will then have a 15-minute time slot of studio space to invite your guest in to observe you in all your glory for 2 songs.
  • Students must come dressed and prepared to go from warm-up directly to routine. No Lap Dances.
  • There will be an S Teacher in the studio with you.
  • 20% discount on all boutique items.
Cost: $125
Attendees:   Male or Female Guest(s)
RSVP: Contact Noelle to reserve a space now! Call 212.989.8030 or email NPrideaux@SFactor.com (Subject: Private Dancer).

SFNY Studio 54th Street

@ S Factor New York


54th Street Studio

Monday, November 5th

Thru Friday, November 16th
See Specific Hours Below

  • We're moving out! Drop in with your friends for an S Factor Tag Sale like no other! POLES, mirrors, stereo consoles, dressers, lamps, hangers, bar stools, new floor fans, wardrobe wall unit, framed photos, microwave, toaster oven, office furniture, chairs, desks, cabinets, file cabinets, storage units, rugs and more!!!
  • Purchase items 11/5 thru 11/16 and pick them up on our moving days 11/19 thru 11/21 and 11/26 thru 11/28.
  • Shopping Hours are listed below and are subject to change. **We highly recommend you let us know when you’re planning on coming, so we can be sure to have someone on site.**
    • Sale:
      11/5 thru 11/8 ~ 5pm - 9pm
      11/11 ~ 1pm - 4pm
      11/12 thru 11/15 ~ 5pm - 9pm
    • Pick-Up:
      11/19 thru 11/21 ~ 3:30pm - 7pm
      11/26 thru 11/28 ~ 12pm - 6pm
Cost: Items will be marked.
Attendees:   All S Factor students and their friends.
RSVP: Call 212.989.8030 and let us know when you’re coming so we can be sure to have someone on site!

Femme Fatale Video Shoot
with Sheena LaShay

@ S Factor New York
54th Street Studio
Friday, November 9th
Thru Sunday, November 11th

  • Nothing can depict movement better than video. Exclusively at S Factor NY, let specialist Sheena LaShay record your dance. She’ll capture every delicious move, each luscious curve, that flirty glance, your unique personality! Who are you? Your personalized Femme Fatale video will reveal whoever you want to be. Enrich this treasure with your favorite quotes, or perhaps enhance with your voiceover. It’s up to you! One thing’s for sure, it’ll be a gem you will cherish forever!!!
  • 45 Minutes of Private One-on-One Shoot Time
  • Dance to Your Favorite Songs
  • Wear your EC attire to show off your authentic self.
  • Approx 3-minute personalized, edited, and treasured DVD video enhanced with your quotations and voiceover.
  • Sign up before Oct 21st and receive a 10% discount!!
  • Here’s a video sample of what we have in store for you.
  • Have questions? Here are the answers.
  • About the videographer: Sheena LaShay, S Factor devotee, writer, blogger, videographer, photographer, and the list goes on forever!, is a ball of energy manifesting in many forms. Through her siren superpowers and artistry, Sheena aka SLY will inspire you to express yourself through dance like never before, and she'll capture it all on video!
  • "The most important life value to me is EXPRESSION. In all that I do in the field of creativity, sensuality, spirituality, advocacy and community, it’s all about finding ways to EXPRESS my RAW and TRUE nature." ~ SLY
Cost: $450
Attendees:   All S Factor Students
RSVP: Call Noelle at 212.989.8030, or email NPrideaux@sfactor.com (Subject: Video).

One Day Journey

@ S Factor New York
54th Street Studio
Sunday, November 18th
10am - 4pm

  • Whether you are new to S or a seasoned S woman, this 6-hour journey into the core principles and philosophy of Sheila Kelley S Factor, will awaken your body and your senses, and deepen your awareness to the power of the feminine within you.
  • The day will be packed full with our signature S Workouts, pole play, basic tricks and combinations, S Dance Routines and Lap Dances, basic S Strips, fun exercises and more.
  • Immerse yourself in your sensuality. Learn about and explore ways to wake up the Erotic Creature within you. Your body is talking. Be the first to listen to it and then let your body be heard. Live fully in your body! And, as Sheila Kelley says, "It’s your body. Own it!"
  • Perfect for:
    • Absolute beginners who want to dive in and get a full rich, daylong experience
    • Current or former students who want to deepen their awareness of the basic movements and core philosophy of S
    • Anyone who wants to learn or review the "how" and the "why" of S movement
    • Longtime students who want to learn basics from a new perspective and a new place in their physical and emotional journey
    • Students who feel like they "missed" something along the way
    • Anyone who wants a full day of S indulgence
  • What the day will include:
    • Basic S workout focusing on movement awareness, muscular initiation, sensuality, and beginning emotional connection and conversations
    • Basic pole tricks and combinations (spinning, flying and "add-ons") with focus on sensuality, flow, the why, the tease and the conversation
    • Learn/review basic S routine with lap dance and the conversation of the routine (from Sheila’s book) and personalized application of it
    • Routine "play" or "the many ways to use the routine to access the truth in your body"
    • Beauty and basic EC clothing talk
    • EC awareness, braided cues, the tease, the conversation, emotional exploration, etc.
    • Focus on strength, basic climbs, and inversions
    • Routines with the art of the tease, incorporating strips and EC clothing
  • Suggested clothing list to be provided
  • Suggested reading: Sheila’s Book, The SFactor: Strip Workouts for Every Woman
  • S Teacher: Beth Bardin
Cost: $375
Attendees:   For All Current, Former, and Non-S Factor Students
RSVP: Call the studio at 212.989.8030 to join us now!

Super Pole

@ S Factor New York
East Side

  • Super Pole I - Part I of S Factor's superior pole technique enhancement series. A unique brand of athletic pole fitness that is exclusive to S Factor. Lessons emphasize right and left-handed pole grips, rotation balance, spinning and flying speed, standard inversions and dance flow. Appropriate for all Levels including women new to S Factor. Click your date of choice to sign up:

    Stay tuned for dates!
  • Super Pole II - Part II of S Factor's superior pole technique enhancement series. Lessons emphasize spinning and flying speed control, seamless multiple pole trick combinations, spinning inversions, slow peeling in and out of inversions and dance flow. Click your date of choice to sign up:

    Thursday 11/15 @ 8pm

  • Super Pole III - Part III of S Factor's superior pole technique enhancement series. Lessons emphasize our newest and most advanced polework technique and pole trick combinations with dance flow. Click your date of choice to sign up:

    Stay tuned for dates!

  • Did you know that every Super Pole class is different? Each week the curriculum features a different set of tricks. So you can schedule consecutive weeks and learn something new each time!
Cost: $65 a la carte

Just For Women


Call 212.989.8030 or click your date of choice in the above description. If you are still on Open Access, login to the Student Center and select "Sign Into Open Access Classes" to register 2 days in advance of your class date.

Fluid Feminine Movement™

@ S Factor New York
East Side

  • A circularized series of curvy body-challenging movements done exclusively on a yoga mat or standing.
  • Inspired by Dr. Louann Brizendine, neuropsychiatrist and author of, The Female Brain, "There exist in human beings neurologies that are more feminine than others, and more masculine than others." Female bodies move differently, than male bodies. S Factor Fluid Feminine Movement™ caters to the female bone and muscle structure. It acknowledges, nurtures, and cultivates the feminine.
  • This 1-hour class may be taken multiple times, each workout is new and challenging. No pole, shoes or dress-up, it's powerful enough on its own! Select a date to register:

    Thursday 11/15 @ 6pm

Cost: $25 a la carte
Attendees:   Just For Women
RSVP: Call 212.989.8030 or click your date of choice in the above description. If you are still on Open Access, login to the Student Center and select "Sign Into Open Access Classes" to register 2 days in advance of your class date.