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Carol-Anne S

Carol-Anne S

Home Town: Quebec, Canada

Birthday & Astrological Sign: July 4th, Cancer

A Day in the Life: Get up (not too early), feed the cats, feed myself. Search for good music to S to, maybe make a new playlist for class. Spend a little time with my husband, with my friends. Teach, thrilling at each new ounce of confidence my students build, or get my own S on, flying up the pole or cat pouncing on the floor. Leave feeling excited and fulfilled, and go home to feed the cats, and maybe read a book, or watch a DVD before bed.

Preferred S Song: Some songs that always make me want to move are The Love Cats by Tricky, Follow the Leader by Matthew Ryan, Quiet by This Will Destroy You, Let the Drummer Kick by Citizen Cope and Woven by Hednoize.

Teaching Style: Tough but very compassionate and encouraging – I will push you to challenge yourself, but I won’t be too rough. I love the pole and I love the dance, and am tickled pink helping my students learn and explore both. I love pointing out the beauty in each and every woman.

Personality: Happy, quiet, interspersed with blazes of joyous enthusiasm.

Reason for Teaching: My incredible journey as a student was so life-changing and so healing that I had to give some back to women coming to S Factor. I love watching the students discover how sexy and beautiful they all are!

Can't Live Without: My cats, my friends, my S!