S Factor Costa Mesa

2790 Harbor Blvd., Suite 210
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 434-4991


Amanda Z

Home Town: Ann Arbor, MI

Birthday & Astrological Sign: March 4th, Pisces

A Day in the Life: Go to sleep ridiculously early so I can get up ridiculously early, hit the gym, walk the dog, get coffee, make breakfast, look up at the clock and realize it’s only 5:30am(!!), work my 8-5 job (boo, hiss), and count down the hours until I can let the red lights of the S studio soothe my day away!

Preferred S Song: My EC loves men!! I love songs that have a good heavy beat and a strong male voice. The darker the better!!! Somewhat Damaged by Nine Inch Nails, Drunk with Power by Puscifer, Paranoiac by Marilyn Manson, Rough Telephone by Lycaon Pictus… And when I’m feeling particularly playful, Rock Bottom by Mickey Avalon.

Teaching Style: Encouraging, supportive, dedicated, passionate, playful, a little dirty, a little silly, and always a cheerleader!

Personality: I’m a huge goofball and I love to laugh! My sister always tells me that I’m the most easily amused person she’s ever met!

Reason for Teaching: Quite honestly, S Factor changed my life! For me, becoming a teacher was the best way I could give back to a community that has given me so much! I want to help each woman know what it feels like to actually love the body they have, and to be able to appreciate the uniqueness in each of us! My teacher did that for me, I want to do the same for my students!

Can't Live Without: My amazing family and friends, my insanely funny dog, the gym, laughing, diet Coke, my DVR, and without question, my iPod!