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Houston, TX 77027
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April K

Home Town: Houston, TX

Birthday & Astrological Sign: March 29th, Aries

A Day in the Life: Stretch and take up space in the bed. Peel off the cat that has wrapped himself around my face. Nourish the body, and head to the studio to fuel my soul with class. I have recently made a major career change - after 15 years in the corporate grind, I am ready to spend my time being of service to the women in my world, in our studios. Studying feminine movement in all of its forms, breath in the body. Stretch, breathe, laugh, dance, be thankful every day for every moment.

Preferred S Song: Music speaks to my soul and my heart, and then my body follows - so, the songs that move me change like the wind, depending on what I need! But some current faves are Turbine Womb by Soap&Skin, Dream On by Kelly Sweet, Feelin Good by PussyCat Dolls, Bad Wings by the Glitch Mob, Angel by Massive Attack, Ashes by Mount Sims, Beautiful Dangerous by Slash (featuring Fergie), The Blue Pill by Agenda 2012, I Get Off by Halestorm, Red Eyes and Tears by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Tear Away by Drowning Pool. My list could go on and on forever!

Teaching Style: Energetic and nurturing with a genuine love for each and every student. I love the "vertical dance partner" very much, but I believe that the Erotic Creature journey is something that once awakened, can truly change a woman's life. I am constantly striving to inspire my students to fall in love with themselves. I know that I say, "breathe deeply," a zillion times every week!

Personality: Flirty, tempestuous and passionate!

Reason for Teaching: I am genuinely passionate about everything S Factor has to offer. It feeds my soul! The intoxication of the movement itself is amazing, but being able to help other women realize their own individual beauty and power is paramount! The truth is, my students truly inspire and motivate me so much more than I ever could them! Teaching for me is about service - sharing what I am passionate about with the ones who are curius and eager.

Can't Live Without: Foam roller, allergy pills, and iPhone.