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Sheila Kelley S Factor

We invite you to become a member of the Sheila Kelley S Factor community. The best workout for women that combines getting fit with self-improvement and empowerment. You're going to love our brand of sexy fitness!


S Factor Membership gives you exclusive access to our original pole dance and feminine fitness movement designed by a woman for women. Inspired by the natural beauty and elegance of a woman's curves, S is an expression of the feminine point of view - "sexy" redefined for every woman.

  • S is an exceptionally effective workout
  • S is a journey towards owning and loving your body
  • S is as timeless as dance and as contemporary as this moment
  • S is your mind, body, heart and soul energized by sexy confidence
  • S is fun, kickass, joyful, wicked, powerful, exciting and hot

Contact your nearest studio and become an S woman today!

Los Angeles - 323.965.9685
New York - 212.989.8030
Encino - 818.817.4585
Costa Mesa - 714.434.4991
San Francisco - 415.440.6420
Chicago - 312.492.7596
Houston - 713.621.9111