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There is so much I have to say that I’ve taken forever to get this written. I’ll probably think of ten more things after I’ve sent it and may never be done so...you might be hearing from me again!
First of all, I wanted to remind you that we met in Houston at the S Factor Studio and I was one of the last girls in line to meet you. I mentioned that I’m an artist and as a way of saying thank you I want to make you a painting, my best way of saying thank you. You see thank you just isn’t enough, and there are actually no words. And it’s not like I can buy something that would reflect my feelings of gratitude and appreciation that I have for you and all you’ve brought into my life. So, as you have chosen to share your passion, something from your inside, something precious and priceless...I too would like to share with you a piece of my insides, my art.

Now, about my experience so far with S Factor. One crazy night with my boyfriend (partner really, we live together) amongst our playing and talking, something brought us to the subject of striptease. I mentioned I have been meaning to do something like that for him but just didn’t feel like I really knew how. Ever since I saw the movie 9 1/2 Weeks, I had wanted to do something sexy like that for a man. And though I’d had that desire for a long time, I’ve only recently found the man that actually made me want to do it. Well, when that came up that night, Charles remembered hearing on the radio about S Factor when it first came to Houston. At the time I was still living in San Antonio, and I remember him telling me about it. I didn’t remember the name but he sure did! Now I must tell you that this man is extremely forgetful, he can barely remember what we did last weekend! Intelligent and wonderful, but details just slip his mind. Well, this one very important detail he recalled immediately. So that very night I signed up for the Intro class and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Let me try and list ALL the things that got me hooked and the way it’s enhanced who I am. The first thing that struck me was the energy in the studio. The energy in the studio is vibrant, positive, playful, safe and just damn feminine! During my first class in Level 1, I was overcome by this feeling of being home; that I had found something that I didn’t even know was missing, that I was somewhere I never wanted to leave. I almost started crying from the joy I felt. Mostly I felt so lucky (although I don’t believe in actual luck) to have this opportunity in my life. To live in a country where this can happen, to live in time in which you have created this, to live in one of the few cities where there’s an S Factor studio! I felt like I had won the lotto! And the biggest reason I almost started crying is from feelings of gratitude. I wanted to thank you, the universe, my mother, every woman in the room, just anyone responsible from bringing this into my life. I felt like I was floating in feelings of gratitude.

Something that resonated so loudly was that in this environment you can admire and adore all things woman without it having to be sexual in nature. I can look at women and acknowledge how beautifully they move, how sensual they are. I admire everything beautiful about a woman’s body and how we move and the energy we bring into a room. I love the power we have and the strength that we are born with. I wish every woman knew how powerful they are, and that in that power there is grace and sensuality that is waiting to explode out of our body through dance and movement. Now, one of the best things (well hard to say what’s best) is the workout. Let me tell you, I hate to work out. Well, I hate the usual workout stuff. Aerobics spin classes, workout videos…yuck. I’ve done them here and there because I do like being in shape and at this age, every little bit counts. But this...doesn’t even feel like I’m working out. It’s fun and hot, challenging and playful and feels so freakin’ good!

One of the impacts S Factor has had on how I feel about myself is a recent obsession I’ve had with my belly. Some of it has to do with the fact that I had been skinny all my life. Around 36 I started gaining some weight. Not much, but enough to notice the difference. Since then I’ve gained a little more and the area most affected has been my belly of course. Oh, also my breasts grew from barely an A cup to now a B almost C cup, so that part was good! So for a while now it had really been bothering me that I have these new wobbly bits in my mid section. Well, now I don’t even care. Being sexy has nothing to do with our size, and even though I’ve always known this in my head, I hadn’t let go of the shallow part of me telling me I can look better if only I work out more or eat less chips. And if I get in better shape because of the workouts fine, however I’m no longer obsessed about or feel bad about how my body looks. We’re about to move and in the new place we will be installing a pole and I’ll be working out on it for the fun and to get better at the tricks. At this age, I can think of nothing better than to have as a goal to be able to do every single trick on that pole that your girls can teach me! And I’ll do it...and I can’t wait!

Some women say S Factor has changed their life, or that it’s reconnected them back with their sexuality, or that it’s given them a place to be free and safe. Well for me it’s different because I am completely connected with my sexuality, womanhood, goddess and creator. I’m in a place in my life when I’ve felt most alive, secure and whole. I’m in a relationship in which all things are safe and free of judgment. I’m in a time of my life in which I feel like I am 100% woman! So for me S Factor has come into my life at the PERFECT time. At no other time could I have embraced this as fully as I have or even appreciated the importance of something like this in my life, in our time. And I love having the perfect man to share my journey with. So the more I think about it, S Factor can be exactly what every woman needs in their life regardless of circumstance. It will enhance and improve any woman’s life as long as she’s open to it.

There’s so much in my life that I wish every woman could have. Some of it has to do with my personal life journey and how I’ve made mistakes and learned from them. Some of it also has to do with Charles and how he’s grown and become a true man. I see so many women unhappy in their relationships and wish they had what I have. I wish they were truly loved and appreciated in a relationship in which they were free to be who they want to be without judgment. A true man to me simply loves and allows. Without judgment, with support and praise. With amazement and admiration for the beautiful creatures that women are. That being said, most women as you know have been stifled and suppressed from being their true whole selves. Most of us have lived with guilt, self-judgment, insecurities, self-hatred, etc. We have to work through so much of this as adults, when we finally get to know our true selves that have been in hiding. This is what’s so amazing and important about S Factor. It’s like letting women free!


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Mónica Melgar

  I've started typing this letter to you so many times already.  But words just don't seem to do my feelings justice.  Let me start by telling you that up until recently, the most invigorating, exciting, and uplifting S experience I have ever had was going to an S Open House.
Being in one of our beloved studios, with our teachers up on the poles, walls, and floors, with the energy of so many women in one room cheering and celebrating feminine movement I have had tears literally brought to my eyes, my breath caught in my throat, watching these gorgeous, beautiful, vivacious women moving almost as extensions of each other, so in sync and yet so individual.  Taking tricks we learn in class and making them their own, bringing their fluid movement to another level, beyond what you can simply be taught.  Feeling the floors literally shake with enthusiasm, support, respect, and an outpouring of love.  Now let me tell you what has replaced the Open House.  What will for me, be the inspiration, the fuel, for me to continue to grow and change in my S journey.  This past weekend, two women from Encino, one from SF, one from Chicago, and one from Scotland joined five NYC studio girls in Chelsea.  Between us, we had nine repeat Level 6 students, and one at-home girl who had never set foot in a studio before; two S ambassadors and one teacher; ages from 27 through mid-forties; we ranged in occupations from real estate agent to entrepreneur to city employee.  We had met on the S Factor Forum, and before I even realized it there were 5 women scattered through my apartment, sleeping on my couches and on borrowed aerobeds, who had literally nothing in common but S.  Most of us had never met, and in the beginning it was strange to reconcile someone's online persona, what they had typed on the forum in the past year or two, with what they looked like, their real names, their voices.  But in just a short number of hours, after a Friday night flight night invigorated us and wiped the airline air out of everyone's lungs, we were all joined together around a low table, eating and drinking like old friends.  There was no awkwardness, no stilted talks.  The positive energy literally crackled in the air: there was an ease that none of us anticipated.  A joyousness.  I looked around at all the animated discussions, the little duos and trios that splintered into separate conversations that rejoined one another, evolved, and I could see instantaneous friendships forming before my very eyes.  It was like nothing I had ever seen before.  Who knew that 10 people who had never come together before could be like this?  Moreover, 10 women?  The highlight of our weekend in the city was a Private Party we booked in Studio A.  Tendrils of power wove through those poles, amplified by hoots, hollers, dripped across walls and dragged by passionate S-walks across the floors.  Women who had never taken class together before, a woman who had never even seen a dance before our dear Scottish visitor, so brave, dancing in front of women for the first time.  Can you imagine this?  I saw myself seeing class through her eyes, being overwhelmed by the beauty, the bravery, the strength, the vulnerability.  Who knew that S Factor could be this?  Those two hours were all about the feminine power, feeling it course through our veins.  The walls couldn't contain us.  Each woman danced, threw her heart on the floor, exposed herself, was cheered for, shouted for.  We were all simultaneously stunned and stunning, ourselves personified. Each dance increased the crescendo.  We fed off each other, until instead of rotating through and doing backup dances, we were all seated, just watching.  What else could we do?  How could you keep your feet and close your eyes when a sister was dancing?  It was too beautiful to miss.  After so long, to finally meet, to see each other dance was like having a private conversation with the deepest part of ourselves.  My hands were sore from clapping by the end of class, my voice hoarse.  I had tears in my eyes and my heart, oh my heart.  It was fuller than I thought it could be.  Even now as I sit here and type my eyes swell.  Thank you for making this possible.  Thank you for creating this environment of joy, support, and love for so many women.


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Amy Kim

I recently read that researchers at New York University and Texas A&M University conducted studies in which participants rated the attractiveness of people walking in various ways.  When women swayed their hips, their attractiveness ratings were more than 50% higher than when they didn't "strut their stuff."
I agree with a slight caveat; I think the attractiveness is coming from within the woman.  It is how the movement makes us feel.  By allowing the S to flow the way it was meant to!  Since I learned the S Walk I realized how little I sway my hips anymore in my daily travels.  It seems we are all so busy, rushing from one commitment to the other that we've lost the beautiful sway of our hips as we walk.  Since S Factor I allow my hips to sway from side to side and I love the way it makes me feel, I'm doing it not for the world to see…but for me…it is empowering.  Maybe I'll see you around town…next time I'm sashaying down the street humming "Pretty Woman" to myself.  I recommend it highly...to everyone.


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Janette Short



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