Tredici is the most intimate and accelerated S Factor journey available that offers one-on-one instruction with founder, Sheila Kelley.

One class.
The most devoted S practitioners.
Four sensationally transformative days in a beautiful resort location.

You, Sheila, and your inner erotic creature will ask the questions Sheila has learned are the key to constantly, consciously, cultivating life-changing feminine body bliss:

How does your erotic creature love?
How does she allow herself to be loved?
Who is she?
And where is she taking you?

Tredici is the Italian translation for the number 13, a sacred feminine number often noted as the most significant in physics, history, spirituality, mathematics, religion and more. With this inspiration, discover how Sheila's coveted body whispering techniques coupled with S movement and philosophies can hone your feminine energy into rocket fuel for the best f&#*ing lifestyle imaginable.

What are awakened erotic creatures saying about Sheila Kelley's Tredici? "[Sheila] can take one look at you and cut through the bullshit, getting right to the core. Maybe she was born with it, maybe it’s a talent she’s honed over the years through her keen observation, dedication, and animal whispering work, either way it’s a gift. And if you can trust in her, and her process, you will transform.”