Licensed Instructor FAQ's

How long is my instructor licensed valid for?

Your S Factor instructor license is valid for a minimum of one year and will automatically renew unless you provide cancellation in writing.

What are continuing education requirements once I’m licensed?

As many reputable occupations require, professionals must remain current on their knowledge and skills. Because of S Factor’s commitment to be best-in-class and maintain the highest level of proficiency, you must complete continuing education requirements every two years to maintain your licensed status. Details of our continuing education program will be announced by the end of 2016.

When can I start teaching?

Upon successful completion of the teacher training program, you’ll gain access to become a licensed instructor. Because you function as an independent contractor, you may begin teaching upon fulfilling licensing requirements and as soon as you feel comfortable. You have the freedom to set your schedule, rates and agreements as you choose. S Factor does not provide support or guidance outside of the teacher training program.

What rates can I charge?
To ensure the premium, luxury nature of our brand stays true to its value and to ensure consistency, S Factor does set pricing guidelines that must be upheld. If you’re pricing falls within 15% of our standard pricing (refer to website) there is no need for approval. If you’re requesting pricing greater than 15% more or less than our standard pricing, you may submit your request in writing. Your request should include: reference to cost of living differential between Los Angeles and your location, minimum of three related competitors pricing in your geographic area, a brief explanation of why you are requesting the alternate pricing (i.e. are the clients already paying a set monthly fee to a health club or studio that you are providing your services in.)

What marketing materials are provided by S Factor?

Your personal listing on the S Factor website
Access and permission to use S Factor logo’s for use on your social media and personal website
Branding Guidelines will be released upon completion of our re-brand. Stay tuned!
Brochures and templates will be made available upon completion of our rebrand. Stay tuned!

What S Factor merchandise is available to licensed instructor?

At this time all branded merchandise is on hold, as a company re-brand is taking place. As merchandise becomes available for purchase by Licensed Instructors, we will communicate to our active licensed instructors by e-blast. Stay tuned for the new look and feel of S Factor and some fun and fabulous merchandise.

Liability Insurance and Waivers

Am I required to carry my own liability insurance?

What coverage amounts am I required to carry?
You will need to carry Basic Group Instructor Insurance at a minimum of $1,000,000 per incident and $3,000,000 aggregate, Sexual Abuse Group Instructor Insurance at a minimum of $100,000 per incident and $300,000 aggregate, and Products Liability Insurance for Group Instructors at a minimum of $1,000,000 aggregate. You may not begin private instruction until you submit proof of minimum insurance to S Factor.

Do I need students to sign a waiver?

Is there a waiver provided by S Factor?
No, you must create or obtain your own waiver. Most likely the company through which you are insured provides a sample of their minimum requirements. We suggest you consult with the proper insurance and legal professional to determine your specific state, country and liability needs.

Resources for Liability Insurance and Waivers

We do not endorse any of these companies, and suggest you conduct your own research, however here are a few references:

What if I want to open a studio in the future, can I reserve the rights

Check back soon, we’ll be releasing more details on Studio Licensing updates no later than March 31, 2016

Once I'm a Licensed Instructor and a third party Licensed S Factor Studio wants to open in my area, then what?

S Factor makes reasonable attempts to notify Licensed Instructors in the event a we receive a bona fide, third party offer to secure a Licensed Studio Location in your zip code. Licensed Instructors have the opportunity to submit a Studio Licensing application for consideration for the rights to an S Factor Licensed Studio. S Factor will consider a number of factors of suitability to ensure the most successful arrangement for all parties. In the event the studio is not awarded to the pre-existing Licensed Instructor in an area, we do make provisions in both the Licensed Instructor agreement and Studio Licensing Agreement to permit dual operations in the area.