Sheila Kelley S Factor

The legendary Sheila Kelley S Factor brand is now available for licensing opportunities. Own your own studio! Teach your own classes! This coveted partnership is a unique opportunity to earn a living empowering women.


Open A Licensed S Factor Facility

The S Factor lifestyle is a celebration of all things feminine. Every woman on the planet deserves a safe place to express her soulfully sexy mind, body, heart and soul. Now you can license the world-famous S Factor brand and open your own studio in your hometown. Visit the Studio Licensing Page for more details!

Become A Licensed S Factor Instructor

S Factor Teachers are changing the lives of women worldwide by empowering them to awaken their inner Erotic Creature. S Factor Licensing Training covers our complete, world-renowned movement curriculum including Fluid Feminine Movementâ„¢, S Core Pole Levels 1 - 6, and our secret sauce - the Original Journey series. Visit for more details!

We look forward to welcoming you to our global community. Thank you for your interest!